Marketing MISTAKE #11 – Not Converting The Features Of Your Product or Service Into Compelling Benefits

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times…

Everyone knows they should talk about benefits and not features yet nearly everyone persists with selling features.

Remember, people don’t buy what your product or service does (features), they buy the result – or the benefits of your product or service.

This is a well known sales technique that’s been around for literally centuries.

It’s a basic fundamental principle, yet people still don’t effectively communicate the benefits of the product or service they sell.

But what really counts is communicating the benefits your product or service provides over and above your competitors.

Now you’re building up a massive competitive advantage.

By ‘stacking’ each benefit on top of each other (‘Benefit Pile-Up’) you create so much desire that your prospects find you irresistible, and are almost ‘forced’ to buy from you rather than your competitors.

By the way, converting your features into benefits is so easy to do…

The best way to do this is to get a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and write ‘Features’ on the left side and ‘Benefits’ on the right side.

First let’s take a simple ‘product’ to show you how easy this is.

Here are 4 features and the corresponding benefits of a desk top hole punch (if we can get four benefits out of a very basic inanimate object you should be able to get at least the same amount for your product or service!)…

Feature #1

Hole punch is made of hardened steel.

Benefit #1

It will last forever. You will never have to buy another one as long as you live.

Feature #2

The base has a plastic cover.

Benefit #2

The base collects all the punched out paper, which ensures your desk stays clean and scratch free, no matter how often the punch is used.

Feature #3

The base is removable.

Benefit #3

Once the punch is full you simply clip off the base and place the excess waste into your bin. Easy to empty and it leaves no mess.

Feature #4

The punch has a plastic guide for your paper

Benefit #4

Simply adjust the sturdy guide to the size of paper you want to punch. You get perfect results every time.

Do you see how easy this is?

…and notice how much more ‘desire’ you create when you convert your features into benefits.

This simple act of defining benefits adds so much power to your sales and marketing you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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