Marketing MISTAKE #16 – Not Checking Your Communications For Spelling Mistakes & Other Simple Errors

I’ve got three files full of letters/adverts/fliers etc., that haven’t been checked properly.

They’re ridden with mistakes.

Basic mistakes that could and should have been avoided. (I’ve included a couple of great examples below)

Remember this…

Every marketing strategy you activate has an up-front cost.

Some strategies such as advertising (online and offline) and direct mail can cost thousands – especially when you make simple and avoidable mistakes.

Mistakes in any form can be very costly.

They make you look sloppy.

They make you look amateur.

They make you look like you don’t care.

Are these the feelings you want to portray?

Now, I appreciate, we’re all human and we all make mistakes, but what I’m really talking about is NOT even thoroughly checking for mistakes before launching a campaign.

If you’re writing your own material it’s often very hard to see the mistakes because you’re too close to the project.

That’s why you must get someone else – even your partner to check your work before it gets released.

Irrespective of the tight deadlines you may have – you must never, ever launch a marketing campaign (no matter how small) until you’ve checked and double checked for mistakes.

Here’s a simple example – can you spot the mistake?


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