Marketing MISTAKE #6 – Not Having A Sales & Marketing System

I have yet to walk into any business and find a proper sales and marketing system in place.

What I see repeatedly is haphazard marketing followed by ineffective sales.

This is caused by the omission of any structured systems or processes.

It may surprise you to learn that sales and marketing need to work hand in hand.

Both are reliant on the other.

To succeed in today’s highly competitive market place you must see your business as a “sales and marketing machine.”

Even if you are the number one expert in your field with the best service or product imaginable, you will never achieve the rewards you deserve unless you master sales and marketing and SYSTEMISE them.

As I mentioned previously, inferior products and services are thriving because the business is capable of being able to market and sell effectively.

Conversely superb products and services are failing for one reason and one reason only – the business is poor at the sales and marketing functions.

Why have a sales and marketing system?

Good question.

It’s quite simple really.

As I see it, marketing is all about generating qualified prospects/leads for your business. Sales is all about converting these prospects/leads into clients or customers, and then maximising the profit from each client or customer.

There are several set stages every business has to adhere to in order to maximise the effectiveness of both sales and marketing. No matter what product or service you sell you must have these stages in place.

I know you might think your business is different.

Don’t we all?

But let me ask you two questions…

Do you need profitable clients, customers or patients?

Do you need to keep them once you’ve got them, and keep them buying more from you?

You see every business is the same when it comes to sales and marketing.

They all need a steady supply leads.

They all need to convert those leads into clients, customers or patients.

And once they’ve got them, they need to keep them and maximise profit throughout the duration of the relationship.

Acquiring and keeping clients, customers or patients for your business is just as important to you as it anyone else – agreed?

Ultimately you need to understand that no matter what product or service you sell – you’re in the business of ‘sales and marketing’ and then you need to systemise it.

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Alex MacArthur


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