Marketing MISTAKE #20 – Not Qualifying Leads Better Up-Front

Our time is precious – very precious.

The more time you spend talking or meeting with good quality prospects – the more profitable and successful you’ll be.

So why do I see so many people meeting with ‘prospects’ who aren’t ready to buy?

You must only meet with people (or spend time talking to people) who are in a position to buy your product or service now or at least in the very near future. (This ultimately depends on your sales cycle, i.e. the average time it takes for a lead to convert into a client or customer).

You cannot afford to waste time on what I call ‘poor prospects.’

You must spend your time with ‘good prospects.’

So how do you do this?

Quite simply you create a list of questions that determine the quality of the prospect.

These ‘qualification questions’ will give you the information to make a decision regarding the quality of the prospect. You ask your qualification questions the first time you speak to the prospect (usually over the telephone).

By doing this you can still keep in touch with prospects who aren’t quite ready to buy by using ‘follow up.’

Be strong. Don’t class all your leads and prospects the same. Work hard on good prospects and let your follow up ‘move’ poor and average prospects into good prospects.

Thanks for reading.

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