Marketing MISTAKE #24 – Not Using Your ‘Hidden Goldmine’

I can go into any business and release thousands of pounds of revenue and profit literally overnight.

I can do this NOT because I’m an expert marketer, but because I tap into the ‘Hidden Goldmine’ that every business possesses.

Often the difference between someone like me, and say, anyone else is that I know where to look, and I know what to do (and you will too).

What is this ‘Hidden Goldmine’ I hear you ask?

It’s your Clients, Customers or Patients!

Yes no surprise there, but tell me why 99% of organisations don’t ever tap into the most lucrative part of their businesses?

This is ‘Marketing 101’ and the 4th part of The FORMULA.

Once you’ve generated a new client, customer or patient, it’s your duty to enrich their life by giving them more value…

More services…

More products/services…

More benefits.

This is known as ‘Back-End Selling’.

And when you do this successfully (it isn’t hard) you’ll release so much cash that you’ll wonder what to do with it.

Strategies such as up-selling and cross-selling will enable you to increase your ‘wallet share’ of each client, customer or patient (you can get a full list of the best performing strategies to use on your customers from the ‘1-Page Business Growth FORMULA’ – details below).

As long as you look after your clients, customers or patients, they’ll keep buying from you – but you must keep selling to them – or someone else will!

Thanks for reading.

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