Marketing MISTAKE #8 – Failing To Use Testimonials

Let’s be honest – selling isn’t easy.

Unless you convince your prospect your product or service will give them the result they’re seeking, you won’t get the sale.

And what you say is often taken with a ‘pinch of salt’.

After all, we’re all sceptics these days.

So how can you almost instantly prove to the prospect you can deliver on your promises?

It’s actually much easier than you may think. All you need to do is use client, customer or patient testimonials.

Again, I can’t tell you how often I see businesses trying to sell and market their products or services without the use of testimonials.

You make your life very, very difficult if you don’t use testimonials. Testimonials have the power to get clients or customers by the handful.

And remember, ever since Amazon first created ‘reviews’ they changed forever the way people now buy.

And because of that, testimonials are even more important now.

And don’t think ‘my customers won’t give me testimonials.’ For example, our unique ‘Testimonials By The Dozen Letter’ ALWAYS works.

Here’s a simple example (the legal firm thought their clients wouldn’t send in their testimonials because of the sensitive nature of the work they do)…


Notice the number of benefits in this one testimonial alone…

· Understanding and helpful

· Took time to talk

· Returned many calls

· Nothing was too much trouble

· Helpful home visits

· Worked hard to get the best result

If you were looking for a personal injury lawyer, don’t you think this testimonial would make you believe this firm would do all they could to get you the best possible result?

And that’s just one of dozens they got, many with the damages amounts given, just like this one…


(Please Note: Each testimonial when shown includes the full name and partial address of each client, although I’ve omitted them here for obvious reasons)

You can’t have enough testimonials.

Place them in all your marketing communications. Place them in every place where your prospects will see them – in your offices, in your reception areas, on your walls, in your website and landing pages.

Blow them up and parade them. You’ll see an immediate and noticeable difference in your sales and profits once you start using testimonials.

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Alex MacArthur

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