Marketing MISTAKE #5 – Only Using A Small Number Of Sales & Marketing Strategies

It amazes me that people come to me and say things like, “I’m just not able to grow my business. I’ve tried lots of things, but nothing seems to work.” The first question I ask is this…

“How many marketing strategies are you using at the moment?”

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

The reply often goes something like this…

“Well we have a website, we send emails, we post on our Facebook page and send some letters out.”

Now I’m not saying you can’t have enormous success just from using these strategies, but just think what you could do if you used 5, 10, 15, 20 or more proven and cost-effective marketing strategies to grow your business? What effect would this have if each marketing strategy was working and returning a profit for you?

This is how you create multiple streams of income. I’ve identified dozens of proven low or no cost marketing strategies that can be applied to your business. You can get a full list of them in the ‘1-Page Business Growth FORMULA’ (see link below).

I wonder how many you’re using right now?

Thanks for reading. Here are 3 other great resources to help you grow your business fast…

Alex MacArthur


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