Marketing MISTAKE #7 – Using ‘Institutionalised’ Marketing & Advertising

I would say 99% of business owners use this technique.

Institutional marketing and advertising is marketing and advertising that doesn’t ask for a direct and instant response.

For example, it is characterised by ads that have the company name as the headline at the top of a print ad or web page…

Very little copy on the ad…

A list of products or services provided by the company…

Lots of white space…

No incentive to call now… etc.

Pick up your local newspaper of a magazine and go to any page. You’ll see this type of ad all over the place.

I urge you to stop this now. Institutional marketing and advertising is costing you thousands of pounds.

Institutional or image advertising is fine if all you want to do is promote the image of your company, your products, or the services you offer.

But let me tell you – image itself doesn’t generate sales!

And when you consider the fact that your clients, customers or patients and prospects really don’t care about you, your business or what you sell all they care about is ‘what you can do for me’. That explains why to a small and medium sized business, image or institutional advertising is a complete waste of money.

Always remember this…

People don’t buy your product or service – they buy the result. They buy ‘what’s in it for me’. They buy a solution to their problem(s).

It’s true that institutional or image advertising can help build “brand-awareness”.

And that’s okay for large corporations such as Coca-Cola, that have multi-million pound advertising budgets (having said that, these companies would prosper even more if they used direct response advertising).

But most small or medium size businesses simply cannot afford to spend their hard-earned money like this.

What would you prefer…

Marketing and advertising that generates sales, almost immediately (direct response), or advertising that builds your name awareness or ‘brand’ (institutionalised advertising) in the hope that sometime in the future someone who wants your product or service remembers your ad and may or may not decide to buy from you?

Do you really have any option?

I guarantee as soon as you start writing direct response marketing and advertising, your results will skyrocket. For example, those characterised by powerful headlines, large amounts of copy written in a very personal style, cluttered ads, a reason to call now and a free bonus for calling (special report etc) etc., …you’ll increase your responses and sales many times over.

Break from tradition.

Start creating marketing strategies that give you a fast and immediate response, that you can monitor and assess in terms of cost and return. You’ll save money and make much more money by following this advice!

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Alex MacArthur

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